Advertising Guidelines

Statement of Purpose

Butler Arts & Events Center (BAEC) permits the sale of advertising space on all property owned and/ or controlled by BAEC including its venue digital screens, all printed promotional pieces & marketing collateral for the purpose of raising revenue to help finance BAEC‘s operations.


In order to maintain a level of professionalism and approval continuity for advertising, BAEC has established the following advertising acceptance criteria. At the request of the Digital Manager, advertisements questionable to BAEC in its reasonable discretion are to be immediately removed and the decision of what is objectionable shall be decisive by BAEC. If it is of the opinion that a particular advertisement may be questionable, BAEC will review the following guidelines before said advertising is accepted or posted. BAEC reserves the right to determine the definition on a case-by-case basis of questionable advertisements.


Questionable, Prohibited or Restricted Advertising

  1. Tobacco: anything promoting the sale of or use of tobacco or tobacco-related products, including the depiction of such
  2. Alcohol: anything promoting the sale of or use of alcohol or alcohol-related productions, including the depiction of such
  3. Discrimination: anything containing material that demeans or discriminates against an individual or group of individuals on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability or sexual
  4. Profanity and Violence: anything containing profane language or graphic
  5. Unlawful Goods, Services and Conduct: anything containing or promoting the possession of unlawful goods, services or illegal
  6. Obscenity: anything containing or depicting obscene materials or images of nudity. Anything promoting the adult product industry including adult video stores, nude dance clubs, X-rated movies, escort services and other adult entertainment establishments or
  7. False Statements: any messages containing false, disparaging, misleading or deceptive material or language.
  8. Libelous speech/copyright infringement: any copy or material containing libelous content, copyright infringement or is otherwise
  9. Competition: any advertising that promotes or encourages the use of performance venues in direct competition with BAEC’s services including Butler University as an
  10. Controversial: advertising involving or referring to political, religious, moral or environmental issues subject to public


Review Process

  1. The vendor is aware of advertising criteria and reviews inquiries or new sales with BAEC restrictions in
  2. The vendor is obligated to present artwork to the BAEC Digital Manager for
  3. The BAEC Digital Manager can approve ads within BAEC’s criteria and
  4. If an ad is rejected based on BAEC’s criteria and restrictions, the vendor is notified in
  5. Bartered advertising is subject to inventory and to the discretion of BAEC Management.

advertising guidelines