Live Art. Live Learning

Experience it LIVE at the Butler Arts Center

Educating, Enriching, and Entertaining Student Audiences of all ages

Since 1991, the Butler Arts Center has presented curriculum-based, culturally diverse, fully accessible, and age appropriate performances and programs to all-aged audiences.  Live performances and programs enrich audiences with a variety of learning styles and approaches, exposing and introducing students to specific art forms (dance, music, theatre, visual arts, and media).  At the Butler Arts Center, our commitment is to providing a positive artistic experience through live performance, ultimately educating while entertaining.


Inspiring Creativity through Arts Integration 

Attending a live performance is more than visiting a theatre to see a show.  Experiencing it LIVE allows new ways of thinking about our lives and our world.  Having a story or book come to life on a stage inspires us to look at and engage with the characters and setting.  Audiences who see live science demonstrations or historical re-enactments connect action and images to deeper understandings of the content.  Bringing literature and school curriculum to life in front of students make challenging subjects more accessible and real.  When attending a live performance, we are encouraged to imagine, create, innovate and unite as we share a similar experience and connection with others.

Teachers share how their students continue to talk about attending a live matinee performance, months or even years after visiting the Butler Arts Center.  More than ONE MILLION students, teachers and guests have attended matinee performances at the Butler Arts Center since 1991. Can you imagine over a million people talking about and discussing live performances they have experienced?  Perhaps YOU have visited Butler Arts Center’s Clowes Memorial Hall or the Schrott Center for the Arts to witness a LIVE performance or program.  Chances are you have!

Exposing Live Performance with Young Audiences Has Its Costs

Thanks to generous organizations like the Clowes Hall Women’s Committee, the Indiana Arts Commission, and Penrod Society, Inc., we have not changed the price of a single student seat for more than 10 years.  To help us continue to offer affordable tickets and ticket grants, please consider supporting us by clicking here.  Your generous donation will ensure students of all ages will EXPERIENCE IT LIVE at the Butler Arts Center.